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Here are some of my favorite  links


Unlimited cloud storage of all your data saved continually and immediately for less than $5 a month. After the free trial period it is only $59 PER YEAR. The other companies out there are not as secure and keep on charging you more $ as you add more content. You can also access your files any computer on the planet even on your smart-phone.

This is an anti viral software with three versions. I have been using the FREE one for many years now. If you compare the list of options that are covered in the “paid” sections, you will find that unless you are using a very small Internet provider, these issues are included in what you are already paying for. For example Buckeye Express has them as part of your service. They will try to continually entice you to try the upgrade. That is fine but it removed the free version off your computer. You will have to uninstall the upgrade and start over.

Malicious hacking is not a virus. It is a spy invading your privacy. They can access your passwords, email, files and folders. There are security threats that you have no idea that have moved in as a worm or trojan or spyware. 50% of these malware can steal data from your computer. It is too risky to run your computer without this software. The free version is just as good but run it manually daily or weekly! This is one software I would suggest you actually buy. Set it and forget it. I run it twice a day. My machine is always clear !

Want to know what the current gasoline prices are in your area? Type in the address or zip of where you might buy gas and it will tell you for  FREE in real time what the current price is and it will also send you an email just BEFORE prices go up. I use this on my smart phone too. Even when I am out of town, it knows where I am and where to buy gas.

This is an online translation resource that enables individuals and businesses with a simple way to translate documents, web sites and typed text for a variety of needs. You can utilize 14 different languages to translate to each other. For example type a sentence in English and has it automatically translated to French.

500,000 for 50,000 online and retail stores. You will never click the final purchase button on a  retail website if there may be a coupon out there you can insert where they ask you if you have a promotional code. You could find a percentage off or free shipping or some other discount. Check it out.

DICTIONARY  AND  MORE is full of tools. Not only will they help you spell but they will pronounce for you. You will also find famous quotes, a thesaurus and a daily crossword puzzle. How about a Word of the Day Quiz? You may want to save this as a favorite or bookmark in your browser.

Remember using a phone book to find a personal or business phone number? At you will not only be able to look up your friends and relatives but a business as well. It also contains a reverse look-up if you know the number but not the address. Or vise versa…you know the address and not the phone number. It is all here. I cannot attest to it’s accuracy but it’s the best online free reference we have. I only wish there was a way to correct dated information.

Ever heard of Urban Legends? Well on this website you can type in a rumor or look through numerous categories. You will find yourself engrossed in reading the many rumors that are passed around. They clear things up. Check out their glossary and soapbox. I bet you find some unusual political folklore past and present. Snopes with also let you know what computer viruses are valid or just a scare tactic.

This website deals with mostly current events and issues. You can even submit a question for them to confirm as true or not. Some interesting stuff !

A site loaded with information and references. It is a very busy webpage but it sure seems to be one-stop for finding things. The Internet is the world’s largest library containing millions of books, artifacts, images, documents, maps, etc. There is but one small problem in this library; everything is scattered about on the floor, with growing hordes of confused and bewildered users frantically shifting through the maze. gathers it all. From news, entertainment, 5,000 U.S. and international newspapers, a homework helper for all ages, an encyclopedia, and daily almanac.